Educational Musical Toys

It all started 70 years ago …… a small workshop producing Educational Musical Instruments for the young children.

It was a long journey of intensive investments with the ambition to be a professional manufacturer and reliable source for Musical products.

Today Halilit is proud to be a global source for quality Musical instruments with excellent customer service. We are pleased to serve a long list of honored loyal customers in many countries all over the world.

Halilit's knowledge and experience combined with talented and devoted workers lead us to be the leader of Educational Musical Toys innovations.

You are invited to introduce your children to the magical world of Music through Halilit's beautiful, exceptional Musical Toys, designed and developed especially for Babies and Toddlers, with Music in our minds.

Halilit's products are offering endless possibilities to improve your children's skills, creativity and abilities.

We are the company which introduced to millions of young children the magnificent, award winning products among which are: "Rainbomaker", "Wave Drum", "Rhythm Pals" and many other super Musical Toys, through which you can expose your children to the fascinating world of Shapes, Colors and Sounds.